The Project

Welcome to the site of Peace-Place-Lace. This process based interactive lace project will run from late April to late June and will directly explore the relationship of nature and creativity to wellbeing. During this time contemporary lace will grow and weave along the access path located in Wild Cherry Drive Eltham. This is one of the paths that allows us to connect to the Yarra and stunning bushland located in Eltham. I am a lace maker and nature lover with a background in occupational therapy and I cannot wait to share this project with you!

The Process

The lace will evolve from community contributions and conversations and its journey will be documented weekly on this site.

I will be making lace on site every Wednesday from April 27 10am-12pm until June 22. However, if you or a small group of individuals would like to meet me and contribute to the project at another time, please contact me via the details below :

E –

M – 0418 382 119


Please note, the path this project is located on is not paved, has a gentle slope and is quite bushy so if support with access is required, please contact me prior to your visit so I can meet you at the entrance to the path. As mentioned, I have a background as an occupational therapist and love using this part of my brain so am happy to discuss individual requirements prior to your visit. I can adapt sessions to suit – such as working on a larger scale due to limited dexterity, working in texture or high contrast due to decreased vision and adapting the discussion to meet the pace and rhythm you need. Everyone is welcome, including children.

Weekly Reflections

WEEK 1 – the beginning!

 Day one of making lace on site was a quiet one as I ease myself into the space. The aim was to have something on site by the end of the week for the public to enjoy and …………… – ta da!!!!

This initial part of the installation is close to my heart. I have been making gum leaves for the community and with the community for many years now. For me each leaf is unique, just like us. We are all incredible despite our imperfections and the challenging conditions we may face. We are all significant and help contribute our tree (a metaphor for community) to thrive. I felt this a very fitting piece to start this process based project.

This week I also had some wonderful chats with passers by about the benefits of exercise and pets to wellbeing …….. .and how lucky we are to have this landscape to walk amongst.

Stay tuned for week 2!

WEEK 2 – Pets

This weeks addition was sparked from a discussion I had last week with a wonderful soul and his dog. Not only did we chat about the benefit of walking and nature, but also of the beautiful relationship that occurs between a person and their dog.  I see many folk stroll by with their k9 companion/s and I cannot help but think that sharing this landscape together just helps strengthen the bond.

This weeks lace making was cold and wet and I sat undercover listening to the sound of rain on the roof.   As I sat creating a tennis ball in lace to honour the role dogs and pets in general play in our lives, my own fury friends lay beside me.  It really was lovely. 

This piece also captures the moment of taking a new ball to throw on a walk and how quickly it can be lost in the landscape as it mixes with the dirt, mud and dust……….. only to be sniffed out by my furry companion and thrown again.

What will week three inspire I wonder?

WEEK 3 – Wattle

I have always admired wattle.  It brightens some of the darker months in the bush with its golden flowers.  Little burst of warmth that shimmer in the rain.  In a week where I have felt a bit tired and run down it was wonderful to see these sprays of yellow brightening the foggy mornings.

In 2017 I was part of the Nillumbik Living in the Landscape Public Art Incubator.  It was a grass roots project that really launched my confidence in using lace in my practice.  It seems only fitting to add some golden wattle buds made from this project to Peace-Place-Lace.  It was lovely to visit this older pattern and reminisce about the stories shared by the locals of Diamond Creek, where that project was based.

Little did I know back then that Nillumbik would become my home and the landscape my own backyard. 

This week the dogs decided to keep me company again.

I also had the honour of having my mum try out lace today.  A woman who is very creative in her own right.  We are part of a family who has stitched, knitted and crafted through the generations and the ups and downs that pave the journey of life.

I cannot believe this project has run for three weeks already. What will unfold in week four?

WEEK 4 – Weeds

This week I decided to work in wire. Copper wire is one of my favourite
materials to make bobbin lace in. It requires different bobbins and technique. You
need to need to handle the bobbins differently and really manipulate the wire.
It is less forgiving to undo as wire weakens every time it is bent.


My inspiration of this week are weeds.  There is a bit of a story behind why I chose to include weeds as a feature in this project.  It is going to take a couple of weeks to make this element so I might leave the full explanation until next week’s entry.

These little leaves are called leaf tallies in lace and they take a bit of practice and a bit of concentration to master.  I prefer making them in wire than thread as they hold their shape well as you go.  These are by no means perfect tallies as working in the elements with people walking by and questions being asked means broken concentration.  But a few wiggles and bends just adds to the character I think and the organic feel.


Stay tuned next week for how this piece is developing and a bit more about why it was made.