Connections is a project that uses lace making to connect the community to and between key areas within the City of Darebin and was made possible thought a  Darebin Arts – Arts Partnership.  It involved collaborations with Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre, Darebin Libraries and the Victorian Branch of the Australian Lace Guild.

The project incorporated three phases.

PHASE 1 – The Libraries

Darebin Libraries embraced the project.  The Victorian Branch of the Australian Lace Guild’s traveling lace display featured in the gallery windows of Fairfield Library for the month of April.

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During this time members of the Banksia Lace Group met at the library to demonstrate and invite the public to try lace making.

At Preston Library a pop up display, demonstration and come and try night titled Rhythm of Lace was held as part of the Libraries After Dark Program.  Members of the Banksia Group also joined a Craft Circle event held at Preston Library.  The librarians also hid a series of handmade lace gum leaves for the public to find and treasure.


Phase 2 – Connection

Connection is a large scale temporary lace installation made for Bundoora Homestead Arts Centro as part of Craft Lab + May 19 – July 29.

The piece was made using bobbin lace techniques on a larger scale.  A lace pillow was replaced with wood panels on the floor and cotton thread replaced with rope.   Over 2km of rope was used in the piece.  The most complex of the three panels used over 1000 nails to hold the piece in place while making.



The inspiration for the panels came from the architecture of the homestead.

Collation of Inspiriation


The finished piece was installed to the first floor balcony using a cherry picker.


Artist Statement –

Titile of Work – Connection

This work weaves the rich history of Bundoora Homestead into the traditional craft of lace making.  It combines traditional techniques with contemporary practice. It connects internal to external spaces and invites the passerby to be curious, come closer and explore this rich artistic space during the current interactive exhibition Craft Lab+.  So come inside and explore.  Come connect with the space, each other and the art of making.

Panel 1 – Waves of Iron and glass

Dimension  120 x 250 cm

The forms of this panel are inspired from the waves and curves found in the stained glass windows of the Homestead crafted by Augustine Fischer as well as the iron work of the external balustrades.

Panel 2 – Soft Hearts and Iron

The central panel references the ornate heart features and curves seen on the iron balustrades externally and the pyrographic features of the internal stairs.  The heart also symbolises the rich history of the homestead.  The memories of those who passed through this space, the rich history of love, loss, loneliness and discovery and the many dreams and spirits that have woven the story of the Homestead so far.

Panel 3 – Rooftop flowers of S Milson of North Fitzroy

Dimension  120 x 250 cm

The pattern seen in this panel is inspired by the moulded plaster ceiling of Gallery 1.  The roof panels for the Homestead were crafted by S Milson of North Fitzroy.


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Phase 3 – Leaves of Lace

Leaves of lace was modified and installed in the Cafe of Bundoora Homestead for Craft Lab + May 19-July 29 with members of the Banksia group creating site specific additions such a swallows and butterflies to reference those featured in the stained glass windows of the Homestead.  Members of the Banksia group made lace in a cafe during Craft Lab+.

Many thanks to Darebin Arts, The Victorian Branch of the Australian Lace Guild, Darebin Libraries and Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre for  embracing the project so warmly.

Photographs by Lindy de Wijn and Andrew de Wijn.