Leaves of Lace is a collaborative project presented by Boyd Community Hub and Craft Victoria as part of Craft Cubed – Window Walk series for 2017, a festival of craft by Craft Victoria. The theme for the 2017 event is ‘Crafting Communities’ making it an ideal subject to showcase the lace making community.

‘A single leaf is unique and a source of great beauty.  It joins to a branch and that branch to another….soon you have a thriving tree.’


This site specific installation features lace gum leaves made by members of the Australian Lace Guild Victorian Branch and community members who have participated in workshops run by the Guild.  These leaves are symbolic of the individuals that make up our crafting community.  They are a contemporary reflection on each individual within this community.


As a member of the Australian Lace Guild Victorian Branch for many years, Lindy finds constant inspiration and knowledge in connecting with this crafting community and enjoys making more sculptural lace using wire and other materials, bringing a contemporary feel and de-contextualizing traditional lace techniques.



As part of Craft Cubed Lindy will be making leaves at Boyd Community Hub on Wednesday  August 9 11-2pm.

Additionally a Leaf making workshop will be held at the Hub on August 19 12-3pm  giving participants the chance to be introduced to the rhythm and beauty of bobbin lace making with Lindy de Wijn and other women of the lace making community who are keen to share their skills and love of lace.  Partcipants will learn the basics of bobbin lace and create their very own lace leaf to add to the installation in the Boyd Community Hub foyer or take it home to enjoy.

This was all made possible via the support of Australian Lace Guild Victorian Branch, Craft Victoria and City of Melbourne.

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