In 2020 Banyule Arts and Culture coordinated From My Window. Six local shopping strips were activated with art installations in over 30 shopfronts of local businesses across Banyule.  The timing was perfect as the installations occurred just after Melbourne came out of Lockdown and were emerging from their homes to reconnect in the community.  It was a great opportunity to support artists and local business affected by the impact of the Covd-19 pandemic. I loved the idea of art being used as a medium to reconnect and engage once we were able to get out and about in our communities again.

The first piece I created was for Watsonia Optical.  Using threads that I had in my collection I set about designing profiles of faces that would sit within custom made wire armatures in the shape of a face.  It was a great opportunity to experiment with design and play with various grounds and textures.  I loved the freedom of being able to play with stitches and tweak the design as I was working.

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I wear glasses and find they help express my personality.  We are all individuals within our community.  I hope this piece brings warmth and cheer to the individuals who pass by.  I hope they also wonder – what is bobbin lace?…. and then look it up and realise it is more than just doilies.


Images in Shopfront by Eli Dance Ali Photography

The second artwork was made for Kids 1st Op Shop in Rosanna.  For this piece I set myself the challenge of using items purchased from the Op Shop and transforming them into a piece that showcases the art of lace making.  This piece shows what is possible when imagination and creativity mix with pre-loved objects.  The original objects, 5 t-shirts – each filled with its own memory, are transformed into new possibilities.

 Lace is an old craft filled with tradition.  This tradition can also be practiced in new imaginative ways, especially when using alternative materials.  I hope this piece sparks curiosity and imagination and shows that art is accessible and possible in many forms.


Images in Shopfront by Eli Dance Ali Photography

The event is held from November 16 – December 14 2020.  For more information and the artists and the windows go to –

With thanks to –

Banyule City Council

Watsoina Optical

Kids 1st op shop Rosanna

Brendan Hackett – Metal-smith support